New Patient Information

Our primary mission is to deliver the best and most comprehensive veterinary care available for your pet or livestock. An important part of the mission is making the most optimal care as easy and manageable for our clients as possible by offering several payment options. EASTERN OREGON ANIMAL HEALTH does require payment in full at the end of your pet or livestock's examination and/or at the time of discharge.

Most often we prefer you schedule your pets with appointments made with the front desk. This gives our staff and veterinarian the best possible time to focus on your pet(s) needs. Because it is sometimes difficult to guess how much time will be needed for your pet(s) care, we may not always run exactly on time for your appointment. We try to make every attempt to adhere to our scheduled appointments but due to extensive care or emergencies of some pets, there could be some delay with your appointment.

Due to our busy schedule and many times yours, we do take drop off appointments. This means you can bring your pet(s) in and leave them with us and we will then see to their veterinary needs at some point during the day. Once the veterinarian has had a chance to evaluate your pet(s), our staff will then contact you in regards to your pet's health.

Waiting Room
We ask that you keep your pet on a leash or in a carrier at all times in our waiting room. This is to not only protect your pet but for the safety of other pets in the waiting room.

Eastern Oregon Animal Health's mission is to deliver the best and most comprehensive veterinary care available for your pet(s) or livestock. This means making several payment options available to you. EOAH does require payment in full at the end of your pet(s) or livestock's examination and/or time of discharge.

For some treatments or hospitalizations, a deposit may be required.

Payment Options
  • All professional fees are due at the time services are rendered.
  • Cash, Check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express or Care Credit are available for your convenience.
  • ALL returned checks are turned over to a collection agency. There will be a service fee charge of $25.00 for these returned checks.

Deposit & Billing

For some treatments or hospitalization care, a deposit is required. We will gladly prepare a written estimate if you so desire. Please ask the receptionist or veterinarian. Any healthcare requiring comprehensive care of more than $500.00 will require a 50% deposit to begin your pet or livestock's treatment. If your animal requires hospitalization for Parvo, a $350.00 deposit will be required before treatment will begin. We may offer in-house payment options on a case-by-case basis. We charge 2% interest on all outstanding account balances older than 30 days. If you have an account 90 days past due, Eastern Oregon Animal Health may relinquish your balance owed to a collection agency for payment collection. For clients with pet insurance, payment is expected at the time services are rendered and we will then be happy to provide you with the necessary documentation to submit the claim to your insurance carrier for reimbursement to you.